The following comments were made by clients after attending a Light Fantastic Photo Tour:

"I owe all my on-going photographic development to you Gale Perry. I am absolutely critical of all your protégées that do not recognize the improvements they gained from your guidance and support. While your business is photo tours - your talent is in teaching and most importantly helping people to develop their photography interest into technique, composition, quality output and passion. With me - you have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams in a very short time. However I have just begun with just three years of your tutelage - there is much more to come. I wanted a retirement hobby and your inspiration has unleashed my lifelong interest into an obsession that has changed me personally - I hope for the better. There is nothing better than allowing your creative side to flourish." T. Scussel. CA

"Gale, you excel at creating the right ambiance for learning, camaraderie, and synergy." Death Valley, 2010, C. Morton, FL

"Gale, this day trip was right up there with our day at Santorini and our mornings in Venice....Terrific, I loved it." Mural Mania,09, S. Parker, CA

"I have to say, having now taken six workshops, I've come back from yours with more 'keepers' than any of the other shoots, so thanks for being such a great tour leader." Death Valley, 09, J. Farmer, CO

"I absolutely did have a fun day! It was all that you promised and more, given what a small, intimate group we had. We felt privileged to have been able to spend the day with someone who has such photo expertise AND knew the area well! And, is patient and fun to boot." Mural Mania 09, S. Carusillo, CA.

"It was very inspirational for me with the cross-pollination of ideas, thoughts and energy that happened. I got to practice many photography techniques, usually latent in my arsenal. Gale is a master of people communication - I learned many things from her on how to approach people on the street. Plus I just enjoyed walking in Chinatown and having close encounters with Chinese people and their culture." Chinatown, 09, A. Salaev, CA

"You were so thoughtful to prepare for the still life set-ups in the bad weather. I certainly learned a lot, and plan to do more work with still lifes at home during the long dreary winter." Fall Color Weekend, '08. A. Ganju, IL

"I learned when you have lemons - make lemonade. Gale did a great job turning Saturday's gloomy and rainy conditions into a photo opportunity. Her creativity saved the day and provided a new experience for everyone." Fall Color Weekend '08, T. Scussel, CA

"I enjoyed your generosity in sharing your experiences, your techniques, your insight, etc. You are truly passionate about what you do and you share it willingly." Death Valley, '08, E. Lahaie, CN

"You're the greatest...if anyone says otherwise they don’t know what they are talking about." Full Moon '07, E. Drouillard, CA

"Your energy and photography opens door with people and something magical always happens on your tours. You have the Universe on your side and I always walk away with images that knock people over." Maine, '07, J. Slater, NC

"It was fabulous from start to finish with one great photo op after another. I could have stayed for another month". Greece '07, S. Dahlkamp, IL

"The tour met my greatest expectations. There was a good mixture of classical Greece (ruins), The Greek Islands, as well as a tour though the country on the way to Meteora. There was also the right amount of 'structured tour' and 'time on our own'." Greece '07, R. Parker, CA

"Overall an awe inspiring adventure that I would definitely like to repeat. A treasure trove of picture opportunities with a small enough group to facilitate near 1 on 1 instruction." Maine/Acadia '07, M. Levinson, AZ

"Exactly as advertised, fast paced, on time and well organized. You also take into consideration people's physical limitations by including rest periods." Greece, '07, S. Parker, CA

"You're the 5th photo guide/instructor I've worked with -- and without doubt the best!" SF Lights, Full Moon, Fall Color Weekend '06, T. Doduc, CA

"You really amaze me, never running out of technical or creative things to teach us. I believe your mind is so full of experience that no matter how many times I experience a photo tour with you, I will learn something new and exciting every time." CA Fall Color Weekend '06. K. Sakane. CA

"Great and rewarding tour. Your pre-scouting made for excellent use of our time. Compared to other tours I have taken it was among the best. I'd like to go back." Palouse '07, A. Sieg, NY

"Gale put us into the right settings and the right time allowing the entire group the opportunity to capture memorable, high quality images. The tour organization and quality (lodging, food, locations, etc.) reflected Gale’s desire to make this a rare and valuable photo experience." Tuscany/Cinque Terre '06. J. Johnson. FL

"Gale Perry's workshops create a playground for photographic opportunity. She has put much effort into the research and planning of these workshops." Hot Air Balloon Tour '06, K. Sakane, CA

"A well-planned and delightful experience, as have been your other tours that I have attended. In every case, it would have taken me an untold amount of time to find the subjects and the locations that you consistently put us in front of. I consider your tours to be a very cost-effective and efficient use of my time…and a lot of fun to boot." Tuscany/Cinque Terre '06. J. Dickerson, CA

"You go the extra mile in making a workshop work for clients and you put "light" which is the magic of photography high on your list of priorities." Tuscany/Cinque Terre '06, J. Johnson, CA

"The preplanning on your part was really great. Having studied your web site before coming, my expectations were high and they were exceeded! I look forward to another tour with you." Carnival in Venice '06, A. Sieg, NY

"Thank you Gale - you are a good group leader, and a non-egotistical, very good photographer. This trip was a good mix of models, markets, off to Burano, full days, costumes so unique, good-good food, and very helpful and friendly hotel staff. I liked the variety of areas we photographed. This tour was better than many due to constant emphasis on filling time with photo ops. Dining as a group is a plus in an unfamiliar place with unknown restaurants. A wonderful experience." Carnival in Venice '06, I. Sieg, NY

"As usual there was a lot of energy and time to take shots. I love that you set up and suggested shots for us." Tide Pool Tour '06 P. Pratt, CA

"I believe your workshops have all been designed to meet all the needs of the group, from the beginner to the advanced photographer, and provide great photo opportunities." SF Full Moon, '06 J. Hughes, CA

"My experience was one of the most enjoyable times in my life. The desert is a wonderful place and the companionship was priceless. I wish to offer my sincere thanks for all your hard prep work and great instruction. I know I am much better for the experience, both as a photographer and as a person. It is experiences like this that help make us what we are." Death Valley '05, S. Albrecht, CA

"I will never forget the Death Valley Photo Tour. I will always remember the wonderful people I met, especially you and your great sense of humor, the early mornings, and everyone's beautiful photographs, which were very inspiring. I have come away with more appreciation of a great picture, greater technical skill as a photographer myself, and wonderful memories which I shall treasure forever." Death Valley '05, S. Kuykendall, CA

"This was a wonderful learning experience! You are an outstanding teacher. The step by step instruction, walking me through the different steps for zooming and the fireworks, was greatly appreciated." Fireworks '05, D. Mayhew, CA

"In a single workshop, I was able to put together years of academic learning into a successful real world photo shoot. The competent and confident Gale Perry is truly a professional photographer and mentor." SF Holiday Lights '05 J. Sakane,CA

"One of the best parts of the experience was the openness of the other photographers to share ideas, setups, suggestions, equipment. I learned a tremendous amount from you, but I learned a lot from them as well." Death Valley '06, D. Glass

"The Tuscany/Venice tour was a combined vacation and photo tour with substantial individual instruction. Since the tour leader had been there many times before, she knew the backroads and the time of day for the very best photographic opportunities. The small group supported deviations from the itinerary, and the emphasis was on photography and accommodations rather than price." Tuscany/Venice '04, R. Glantz, MA

"I was estatic that you ordered and received snow. I loved having our hotel so close to Piazza San Marco. It made everything so easy. The atmosphere was so festive and everywhere we turned there was a picture- it was intoxicating. The costumes were great against the beautiful buildings in Burano, along with the great reflections. Compared to other workshops I have taken, this one was right up there with the best."Carnival in Venice, '04, B. Wisecup, MD

"Good food and wine at reasonable costs, outstanding accommodations and guaranteed to get some great images of fabulously costumed people. Highly recommended workshop. Gale was her usual cheerful self in spite of an obvious illness creeping up." Carnival in Venice, "04. W. Wisecup, MD

"It is a once in a lifetime experience. The photographer is put to the test of fast shooting in a constantly changing and exciting venue." Carnival in Venice, '04, J. Azen, CA

"I have a lot more fun on your tours and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that you're one of the few workshop instructors who actually cares about the group dynamics after the pictures are taken. That really adds to the experience." Death Valley '03, V. Aronson, CA

"We truly enjoyed the tour, it was very friendly and relaxed. I don't know how you do it? We didn't know what to expect since it was our first longer workshop and it turned out so great thanks to you and the others. We look forward to more tours with you." Death Valley '03, V. & K. Volinsky, CA

"I had always wanted to learn about hand coloring and to understand how it worked. It was a great experience and I now feel comfortable trying it on my own without feeling intimidated. I had a great time and it's one of those activities that I can easily get lost in." B&W; Hand Color Class '03, T. White, CA

"I was given the opportunity to take wonderful shots of a beautiful country-and was helped to make excellent pictures by listening and looking through Gale's viewfinder. I have always received more help from Gale than any other tour leader." Tuscany/Venice '03, B. Wisecup, MD

"This was my second field workshop and my photographic skills increased significantly. I now have a much better understanding of composition and exposure." Death Valley '02, S. Scheele, CO

"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip and for your patient and tireless instruction to novices like me. Not only am I a better photographer for the experience thanks largely to Gale's superior instruction, but I have some wonderful memories hanging on my wall." Death Valley 02, V. Lewis, NJ

"I took more shots that I am satisfied with than I have on just about any other trip. I really liked the small group and your relaxed leadership style. I felt more in sync with the whole program than I frequently do on photo tours." Greece '02, E. Jackson, CA

"You are an excellent teacher, and that is a high compliment from me who has seen lots of bad teaching in her experience and has been on photo tours where the teaching has not been good." Alsace 02, B. Wisecup. MD

"My photography skills took a huge leap-from snapshots to photos, due to the time and effort, patience and other skills I learned." Maine '02, J. Farmer, CO

"I really appreciate the detail to which you critique your student's work. This is just one of the things that makes your workshops really special. Can't wait until the next one." Maine & Acadia, 2002, S. Scheele, CO

"One has to go a long way to find someone who possesses such an enduring commitment as that which you bring to your photography. There was never a dull moment and your enthusiasm for Greece was incomparable to that of anyone whom I know, and I'm a Greek! Having spent all of my career in the hotel, restaurant hospitality business, I was full of admiration for how well you planned our complete itinerary. You were so attentive to everyone's needs and dealt with all the complexities with calm and cool composure. Thank you for an unforgettable trip to Greece and photographically we returned with everything we wanted." Greece, Spring '02, H. & J. Nassikas, CA

"Well-planned, a skillful, positive, charming leader and the attention to creature comforts was appreciated." Greece, Spring '02, S. & A. Motzer, VT

"Gale Perry is one of those rare people that enjoys teaching photography. She is knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, organized, low key but still motivates, has the learner's interests as top priority, and is people oriented. With those attributes, how can one not learn?"
Death Valley '01, W. Wisecup, MD

"It was better than I expected and I expected a lot. Great people, gorgeous chateaux, and superb night photo ops. I loved that we were constantly on the go from one photo op to the next. We were flexible but covered everything in the itinerary and more."
France '01, P. Frey, PA

"Thanks for a great trip Gale. Your experience and guidance was fantastic. My photography and understanding of my camera improved greatly." France '01, B. Vonarx, CA

"The lodgings were delightful, the scenery lovely, the food and wine were perfect, alfresco lunches were great, and the most positive thing was the affect of the leaders warm personality and excellent challenging teaching style. I was always able to learn because Gale gave positive comments yet helped me make my photos better. Gale demanded good work in a very positive way. It was a superb experience. Deluxe Fall Tour of the Wine Country '01, B. Wisecup, MD

"I had a fabulous week going to the most scenic locations, taking pictures in the manual mode, which I had never done before. I learned a lot about filters, depth of field, composition, use of the tripod and lighting. The photos look great on the website-how exciting! It goes to show what a great instructor you are. I definitely never had pictures anywhere near this quality before." San Francisco Highlights '01, V. Aniya, HI

"It was a wonderful experience for me and will make me a better photographer. I will now enjoy getting up at 4 or 5 AM to take those sunrise shots on my travels." Death Valley '01, R. Boorman, CA

"It was a total positive learning experience." Greece 2K, W.Wisecup, MD

"Excellent leader, congenial group and wonderful locations." Greece 2K, B. Price, MA

"Thanks for a wonderful trip--you are a great photographer and a wonderful hostess and that made the trip a very pleasant experience." Greece 2K, J.Dickerson, Ca.

"Gale worked us, and gave us so many opportunities to shoot so many different things. The workshop was educational and entertaining, the instructor was knowledgeable, experienced and helped each participant feel comfortable trying new things." Napa Valley in Spring '99, G. Wolf, OK


"Spending 4 whole days with a camera around my neck! Thinking about nothing else except what is happening around me…the light, the scenery, the camaraderie, the sun and the sky! Sharing the experience with others and being able to discuss a variety of "photographic" subjects." Death Valley, "08, E. Lahaie, CN

"Watching and seeing what others saw at each stop. There were many pictures at all the locations - a good learning experience." Palouse '07, A. Sieg, NY

"On the road near Meteora. I will never forget the moment when you asked/told Yorgos to stop the bus and set about convincing him to go with you to convince an old lady herding goats to be photographed. My view, from a distance - The two of you, you determined, leading the way, Yorgos uncertain but game, right behind you through a field (our view) of weeds to the waistline, approaching an old woman, dressed (head to ground) in black, staff in hand. And the ensuing interaction among the group as her story unfolded. (It was your 'seeing' of a possible great photo-op, and persevering to a great conclusion." Greece '07, R. Parker, CA

"The sky, the rolling farm land, the smell of the canola. My images all have a lot of texture, I just love that." Palouse '07, S. Dahlkamp, IL

"Being out with other people that also enjoy photography. Gale I really appreciated your patience and knowledge." Full Moon '08, T.Crowell, CA

"Italy - the colors, the landscapes, the structures, the people, the food and the culture." Tuscany/Cinque Terre '06, J. Johnson, CA

"The ambiance of Venice and the willingness of all costumed people to be photographed. Working with you was a pleasure as well." Carnival in Venice '06, A. Sieg, NY

"The comaradarie of our group. Returned home with great photos and great feelings - a real spirit lifter." Carnival in Venice '06, I. Sieg, NY

" I was amazed at how much I enjoyed taking pictures of the Dunes over and over - sometimes with only slightly different light and from a slightly different perspective (ever lower). For the first time I actually understood what drove Monet to do SO many haystacks." Death Valley, "06, D. Glass

"The wonderful ambiance of Greece, a very good instructor and good group of people. It was a wonderful trip with good value and the small group size was a plus." Greece 2K, J. Dickerson, CA

"Seeing each costume being lovelier than the last". Carnival in Venice, "04, B. Wisecup, MD

"Really great people and the Chateau du Plessis where we stayed in the Loire." France '01, P. Frey, PA

"Seeing a festival that I had not seen before. I would highly recommend this workshop." Carnival in Venice, '04 W. Wisecup, MD

"It is a toss up between the people in the group, the beauty of Greece, and the food". Greece, Spring '02, E. Jackson, CA

"The camaraderie with fellow photographers and the beauty of Death Valley. Also the slide presentations by you and the other participants will make me try harder to be a better "painter" of light." Death Valley '01, R. Boorman, CA

"The "follow me" style of the tour leader and her sparkling and patient personality." Tuscany/Venice '04, R. Glantz, MA

"Learning how beautiful Alsace is and how really friendly the French can be." Alsace, 02, B. Wisecup, MD

"La Rochelle nighttime could that setting not produce the perfect shot?" France '01, B. Vonarx, CA

"Shooting sunrise from a hot air balloon, the wonderful scenery, food, wine and a great leader." Deluxe Fall Tour of the Wine Country '01, B. Wisecup, MD

"Being able to go to the most scenic spots in San Francisco and taking all the time you need to take the best pictures." San Francisco Highlights '01, V. Aniya, HI

"Watching Gale interact with the local people in France." Alsace, 02, W. Wisecup, MD

"Venice! Having the hotel in Venice right next to San Marco Square." Tuscany/Venice, 03 B. Wisecup, MD

"I improved my photographic ability in just one evening. Everything was a delight. I was exposed to a variety of environments, expanding my comfort zone with a professional photographer "SF Holiday Lights '05, J. Sakane, CA

"The finished product and the meditative experience." Hand Coloring Class '03, T. White, CA


"I got quite some practice with the camera's aperture-priority mode. For daytime photography, it may henceforth be my 'default' mode. I practised motion blurring and creative blurring for the first time. I was glad to practise getting closer to the subject. In the past, many of my portraits have been 'environmental portraits' - not always by design. I learned that not everything is related to technique, and there's a lot to being able to see an opportunity for a photograph - that's not immediately apparent - in a scene. Some of it also seems to be about being able to almost 'stage' a photo opportunity. There was confirmation of my being bold enough to approach people. Thankfully, there was also some validation of how I've been taking photographs so far. Chinatown, '10, R. Kishore, CA

"People skills! With the right approach to people the photographer gets an opportunity for shots not possible otherwise. Be passionate about what you are doing and people will be more open to you. Don't be afraid to experiment with the camera - it's fun! Keep an eye on things existing and happening around: people, animals, architecture, reflections, colors, light/shadow patterns, etc. Develop "virtual frame" in your head to see good pictures before they are taken. Chinatown,'09, A. Salaev, CA

"I learned when you have lemons - make lemonade. Gale did a great job turning Saturday's gloomy and rainy conditions into a still life photo opportunity. Her creativity saved the day and provided a new experience for everyone." Fall Color Weekend '08, T. Scussel, CA

"How to be a little more selective in my shots, i.e. to take the time to look and feel before clicking away." Death Valley '08, E. Lahaie, CN

"I learned tons about when and how to use filters, particularly my polarizer and properly exposing for digital." Maine '07, J. Slater, NC

"It has been interesting observing myself and my work. I had three weddings to shoot the following weekend and I observed that... I notice in which direction the sky is blue. I notice the paths within the image more fully. My composition is bigger...I am taking in more design elements. I understand back lighting better." Fall Color Weekend '07, E. Drouillard, CA

"I learned that there are may ways to see and visualize an area and that many viewpoints exist everywhere." Palouse '07, A. Sieg, NY

"I learned 8 things: f22 creates starbursts; check histograms; RAW vs JPEG files; reflectors; bracketing; backlighting; props/pins; and THE most important -- the hot shoe level!" Fall Color Weekend '06, T. Doduc, CA

"The written critiques of our best work, including comments on what was good and what needed improvement, as well as suggestions for what could be done differently, were the most valuable learning tool of all. Tuscany/Cinque Terre, "06 J. Johnson, FL

"Lots about posing models and being a bit more assertive in getting them to do what I needed." Carnival in Venice '06, A. Sieg, NY

"I learned how to record shots, how to crop, and why some of my pictures fail. The most useful part was the post workshop photo critique." Death Valley'02, S. Scheele, CO

"One can't be lazy. You have to get out and inspect all possibilities for a photo op at a location!" Palouse '06, P.Barry, CA

"To make a subject part of a picture instead of the only object in the picture. How often fill flash is needed to get a good shot when shooting in daylight. The importance of thinking about the shots you want to take including the best approach and equipment choices. How much a super wide angle picks up the sky and usually dictates exposure compensation." San Francisco Weekend '02, B. Stenman, CA

"I learned how to look for different perspectives instead of just one view. Also that if you think you have a great shot but the person viewing it cannot recognize what they are looking at, the shot failed. Sometimes finding smaller details makes for a better shot than shooting wide. I also learned you can take great photos no matter what the weather." Maine '02, J. Farmer, CO

"Do not let the excitement of the moment make you neglect your composition, examine the scene from several perspectives, how to approach people and gain their permission for portrait shots, and night photography." Tuscany/Venice '04, R. Glantz, MA

"Bracketing for correct exposures, f22 star burst, in camera composition (don't rely on Photoshop), compose in the viewfinder (ideas are born when taking the time to think) shoot lower, get closer, place people in the photo, and tripod info." SF Holiday Lights '05 J. Sakane CA

"Bracket and take lots of pictures with different settings, take both horizontal and vertical shots, painting with flash, focus 1/3 of the way in for best depth of field, how to correctly use my neutral density filter, look for reflections in everything, labeling my film canisters was a great idea, how to shoot the moon properly, how to "see" more pictures than ever before, I never would have taken some of my pictures if Gale hadn't pointed them out, how to do more in manual mode and how to use my flash diffuser." France '01, P. Frey, PA

"I learned how to double expose with the full moon, how to double expose during daylight, and how to expose for night shooting."
SF Full Moon '02, R. Gutenberg, CA

"I learned how to use some of the features of my camera, the multiple exposure setting for moon shots, manual's all great stuff and really improved my shooting" France '01, B. Vonarx, CA

"Pre-framing the shot with a slide mount, watching my framing around the edges, and use of flash." San Francisco by Night '99, D. Davidson, ID

"I could see a definite difference from the Tuscany/Venice workshop over the first workshop I took with Light Fantastic to Maine '02. I learned to concentrate on better composition, getting closer, simplifying the subject, and paying a lot more attention to depth of field. My shots have much more punch to them and bracketing gives me a much better chance of getting the picture that I see in my minds' eye. I like the progress I am making." Tuscany & Venice'03, J. Azen, CA

"I learned to shoot in the manual mode, how to bracket, use of filters, framing, depth of field, multiple exposures, how to take fabulous night shots, and all this produced some great pictures." San Francisco Highlights '01, V. Aniya, HI

"I learned to be more comfortable shooting in the manual mode, the need to think about what you are shooting and the need to visualize what you want the picture to look like. Death Valley '01, R. Boorman, CA

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